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The RoSD(TM)

Questions and Explanations

By Co.S.Ra.RoSD(TM)
English Translation

The work makes free, that the Administrators of Co.S.Ra.RoSD Order says.

What it may mean? Is it unsophisticated or malicious "joke"? No, the Administrators speak with you today - right now - without a shadow of doubt or indecision: we do not laugh, for the time of laughter has passed. Only work, work and work again: that is to destroy i.e. make mankind free. Yes, the rescue, exactly speaking, Destruction is the purpose of the RoSD movement, and each of us knows where he (she) is going. We go to Zero. Because absolute Zero and infinite Zero of Absolute is our goal.

Your children do not know it yet, and these children, on whom you are planning to lean while constructing outflowed with poison, rotting, falling democratic - and all other - social orders, including all kinds of totalitarian systems and antisystems, - these children of men go to the RoSD without thinking what expects them if they do not go there, and what remains to them if they stay where they live at this minute - in the Ass of the World, in the cesspool of every possible vice and virtue which in true and even in its own sense are not neither vices nor virtues nor something else. Children of man who are living, and alive, and being killed here - in the modern world, which is modern as much as wheat bread is modern. For the time of reasonings has passed, the time of DESTRUCTION has come.

RoSD does not struggle. We DESTROY the ENEMY, not fight against it. For our Force and our Power lay beyond of material worlds and at the same time - in the centre of the world, in each of you. Therefore we say:

every man and every woman is ZPK or BZKK.

ZPK (Zaregistrirovanniy Polzovatel Konkursant, traditional Name of the RoSD Adherent) is one who inspired enough. ZPK is either secret or manifested, in both cases he (she) is the RoSD Adherent.

Are you a ZPK?

Do not wait, for the time of expectations has passed. Come to us. It is time for you to die - as we did it once too.

BZKK (Buduschiy Zaregistrirovanniy Kandidat-Konkursant, name of a possible future the RoSD Adherent). BZKK is either dead or half-dead. In both cases he (she) is a human, not ZPK, not a RoSD Adept.

No power of this world can stop us. We are coming.

Come with us too.


1. Why should you come to the RoSD, as well as your friends, your children and your wives?

The answer:

Everyone know that there are three possible kinds of gift, exactly said, there are three Best Gifts: 1. A Book; 2. The Life; 3. The Death. However many people do not suspect that there is one more Gift: Registration (also "self-registration" - by the Will) in the RoSD(TM).


2. What expects you, if, we assume, up to the last drop of your blood you aspire to Truth?

The answer: NOTHING.

What is Nothing? Who knows that?


Are you nobody? Are your friends nobody? Or, maybe, are your wifes nobody?

The answer: Definitely - No.

A man becomes nobody as result of his (her) work. To be nobody or to be everything is the option for elected. Who is nobody - is everything.

You probably know that nobody and everything are not twins. Therefore everyone dies, presumably by meeting one divine glance in his (her) direction. Truth and Lie are intolerable in much greater degree than nothing.


3. What is RVBOT? Who is Robot?

The answer:

RVBOT is, indeed, the true name of the material suitable for the sacred work of a destroyer. We synthesized this name Qabalistically. In particular, RVBOT = 678. RoSD = GBVR HChIL, professional warrior. (TM) symbolizes our divine blessing. For better understanding of names ZPK should study brief description of the RoSD emblem (which is not translated from Russian yet). Explanation of the Robot concept will be given only to ZPK.


4. How many ZPK the RoSD(TM) have? Speaking about the RoSD adherents it is necessary to remember that many of them are binded by the oath of silence and undefinition first, and second, we count only ZPK, but not BZPK, not URA, not RA. Now there are 18500 ZPK of the RoSD in Eurasia, 9000 of them are in Russia, 5000 are in Western Europe, and others are geographically undefined (July 1998).


5. Does the RoSD(TM) need to have you as ZPK? Does purposeful propagation of RoSD entice you into a trap?

The answer:

Not we - you need us. For we re-establish integrity of Eurasia and we shall lead it to absolute Zero.


6. How does one come to the RoSD?

The answer: very simply:


*Language on which the texts created by the Open Version of our Robot are published. Russian language is therefore twice Sacred, and Russia is sole Europe and sole Asia. It is, like our aspiration to Zero and our man-destroying work, is unequivocally confirmed by the Phenomenon of the Robot. In order to complete this task study our MZN WWW page. You also need to russify your machines, look at"KOI8-R - Russian Net Character Set" page made by our Administrator for more info.

7. How much should one pay to become ZPK of the RoSD?

The answer:

It costs nothing and it costs everything for you. Your work for the boon of the RoSD will be the best payment for membership at ZPK level.

Let's assume that a ZPK can not undertake destroying work assigned to him (her) by the RoSD(TM) or by him(her)self. In such case he (she) pays membership fees or dies without hopes of being destructed, that is he (she) ceases to be ZPK and is overthrown into Null-22.

Administrator of RoSD(ТМ)
Illus. 1 - The Neophytes give heed to the Regional Administrator of the RoSD(TM) on general meeting.

To work for the boon of the RoSD means, unequivocally, self-destruction and transcendental movement to absolute Zero, to Infinity, to absence of names, qualities and borders. To work for the RoSD means to exert positive influence upon the reality until it is destroyed. If you want to work, come to us. Once you must renounce your vicious algorithmic dependence and cease to be people. But no "once" exists anymore. The time for "once" has passed long time ago. Only today is left for you. Come to us and we give you the weapon to thin away veil of the Lie and release you from your chains now. After that you become ZPK and your further work with the Robot will help you to defeat this world.

Now there are thousands of us. Tomorrow will be millions. Do not wait until tomorrow.

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